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All You Need to Know About Cleaning Jewelry

It is rare to find jewelry without value attached to it. Most jewelry items represent something more and therefore should be accorded the care they deserve. Most people don’t have the necessary information on jewelry cleaning and end up letting them build up dirt. Having a jewelry cleaning plan is very advisable and clean jewelry with Simple Shine.

There is no way your ring can maintain its shine if you do not take the time to clean it regularly. This schedule is different for everyone depending on their lifestyle. Even so, professional cleaning should be done at least twice a year. People who wash their hands more than average because of their job might have to clean their rings more regularly. Another advantage of taking the ring to cleaning professionals is that they will check for any loose stones or other faults. It is wise to get a jeweler whom you trust for all your cleaning needs and clean jewelry with Simple Shine.

In between professional cleanings, you might need to do some cleaning yourself to maintain that dazzle. The most common method people use is soaking the ring in warm water with dish soap for a few minutes. There are however more cleaning methods that work better. There are many jewelry cleaning products to choose from nowadays. You can give some of the products a test run and find out which one you like best.

The type of jewelry determines the method of cleaning. Jewelry cleaning methods differ for the different types of jewelry. For example, opal rings require more attention as compared to diamond rings. Sterilization of body piercing jewelry cannot be overemphasized. Cleaning earrings or belly button rings need more care than the other types of jewelry because you run the risk of getting an infection from them and clean jewelry with Simple Shine.

Taking preventive measures to care for your jewelry is a good move as well. Taking your ring off when doing messy activities is one way. When exercising, it is wise to take your ring off. Your body releases sweat and oils when you exercise and they can do a lot of harm to your ring. Learn to take your ring off when showering as well because it might collect soap grime which did not wash off. When not wearing your ring, you should store it in a jewelry box because of the soft lining that will prevent scratches to the band or stone.

I hope these tips have made cleaning and general jewelry care easier for you. Visit a jeweler near you and ask about general cleaning services.