How to Become a Film Producer

Are you interested in creating movies for people around the world to enjoy? Producers, like Heather Parry, coordinate all of the necessary elements to create a film: choosing scripts; hiring writers, directors, actors, and crew members; securing funding; overseeing production and post-production, and more. Follow these steps to develop a career as a film producer.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

In order to gain all of the skills necessary to produce films, consider pursuing a degree in film, communications, business, or another related subject. Being a producer involves managing employees and finances; making decisions about which scripts have the potential to become a great film; marketing films; and much more, so it is important to choose a diverse array of classes during your time in school in order to maximize your knowledge base. Additionally, make sure to socialize and network with the people that you meet, since industry contacts will be crucial to your future success.

Gain Experience

Don’t hesitate to take on low paying or less prestigious jobs early on. Everyone starts somewhere, and you will need to build a portfolio and develop your reputation before moving on to high profile roles. Working as a production assistant or enrolling in an apprenticeship program can be a great first step towards a successful career as a producer.

Monitor Industry Trends

The film industry is constantly changing. Make sure to stay abreast of what is going on by reading relevant publications, such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Another good way to stay current is by going to film festivals, seminars, and other industry-related events.

If you follow these guidelines, you should soon be well on your way to a career as a film producer. As you move from your degree program to an entry-level job or apprenticeship to producing your own movies, remember to stay in touch with former colleagues and build meaningful professional relationships. Good luck!