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Tips On How to Save a Document in PDF Format

One of the most popular and widely accepted formats of documents in the PDF format that is widely acknowledged in almost every part of the earth. Text documents however, when being created are not created initially in PDF format but mostly as a Word document format or a text document format. Most corporate organizations and people who are avid users of documents, more readily accept and use documents that are in the PDF format and so in most cases the documents created in word format or in text format would need to be converted to the commonly accepted the format. There are various ways of converting a Word document or a text document into the more popular PDF document using simply your computer or laptop that you use either at home or use at work.

An alternative that one can pursue in order to change a word format document or text format document into a PDF format document is through the use of the Microsoft Word software that is installed on personal computers and laptops that use Windows as their operating system. Microsoft Word software provides users the option of creating and formatting the document as a Word format document and after that done working on the documents can save it as the PDF through the “save as” provision that is found in Microsoft Word installed optionally in personal computers and laptops using Windows as their operating system. The option of using Microsoft Word to convert a word format document to a PDF format document is probably the most popular way of converting a word document format into a PDF format document. This is made possible by the wide and outspread usage of Microsoft Word is across the world.

Common with software used to editing videos and software used to edit photos is the “save as” feature which enables the users of this software to save their work in the PDF document format in order to further distribute their work to a larger crowd of people compared to the other formats that the same software provides the users with.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a software that is arguably the most popular when it comes to accessing and reading documents that were created and later saved in PDF document format. This software, in addition to enabling people to read PDF format document, allows them to convert the nearly any other format of document into a PDF format document. For people who own personal computers, mobile devices that can access the Internet and house mobile applications and laptops, Adobe Acrobat Reader is highly recommended as it is sold for zero dollars and the Internet meaning that anyone who desires can only this particular software.