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Things You Need to Check Before Changing a Car Battery

According to statistics, a regular car battery are manufactured and designed in such a way that it will last for around six years. In some cases, majority of the manufacturers of car will offer you a warranty for a car battery for up to 9 years. As for today, it is very hard to tell how long can a car battery last because it is subjected to different factors that might also reduce its lifespan. To add in this part, it is normal to a car battery to become faulty sometimes that is why you cannot directly tell that you need a new car battery because your existing car battery does not work. In order for you to be guided before you buy a new car battery, here, we will discuss the indications that you need to change your car battery and buy a new one.

The first indication if your car battery has a problem is that if your car engine has turned off but your car doesn’t start properly.

The second thing you need to check id the light of your car if it turns on because of it doesn’t turn on it means that your battery has a problem since the light of your car always rely on the battery.

The third thing that you need to check before changing a car battery is the mood of the car because if the car starts properly in some days and on the other day it doesn’t starts properly then most probably the problem is in your car battery and that’s the time you consider to replace it with a new car battery.

The fourth sign that you need to see before buying a new car battery is the smell of the car battery itself because it is very rare that a battery will smell bad and if you experience to smell unpleasant odor in your car just like an egg that is rotten then that is the perfect time for you to buy a new car battery because there is a huge possibility that your car battery is broken and not working properly.

The last sign you need to consider before getting a new car battery is the life of your battery because using an old car battery is not recommended since it is not safe and need to be replaced by a new car battery.

Consider buying a battery that is the same on your old one to ensure same effect.