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The Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Societies

As much as it is so necessary, fact is that without doing a deeper survey of the US employers, it gets a bit tricky giving a full description or spectrum of the professionals who provide occupational safety and health services to the workers in the United States. This be as it is, we can manage a description of the four traditional OSH professions, here talking of occupational safety professionals, industrial hygiene professionals, the experts in occupational medicine and the occupational health nursing professionals, and the other disciplines that are likely to play such an integral role in so far as safety in the workplace is concerned going into the future and this is where we see the employee assistance professionals, ergonomists and the occupational health psychologists.

In as much as the four traditional OSH professionals look at occupational safety and health from different approaches, they however share some things in common. This is in the fact that they have the goal of identifying the hazardous conditions, the materials and some of the workplace practices that may be exposing employees to risk and helping the employers and employees work towards reducing or eliminating entirely the incidences of such risks. Take a case like for the occupational safety professionals whose main aim is to identify the workplace hazards but have as well been so good at emphasizing on the prevention of workplace fatalities and the like cases. Generally, this as well happens to be the case with the other OSH professionals like a case of the occupational hygienists who have quite proved to be a sure resource when it comes to the need to identify and control the hazards that may be resulting from acute exposures to some of the common workplace agents, be they chemical, biological or the physical agents and at the same time have been so handy when it comes to cases of injuries at the workplace. When we come to the occupational medicine physicians, they have been largely renowned for their input in the workplace and enhancing standards therein with their services that are such as clinical care and the programs that are mainly aimed at health promotion, protection and disease prevention.

Today, we have a number of Americans have already become membership to a number of the professional societies and associations that actually represent the main OSH disciplines, the numbers already enrolled are going close to 80,000. Looking at the statistics, we still see quite a number of those in employment who by virtue of their employment still happen to be qualified to join and subscribe membership to these societies for occupational safety and health. You can join the American Society of Safety Professionals today and be a part of this movement dedicated to creating safer futures.

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