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How To Establish That One Has A Heart Attack

Heart attack also commonly known as myocardial, is caused by an insufficient flow of blood to one’s heart such a way that only a little amount of blood is reaching one’s heart at a time. Generally, there are many reasons why people suffer from blockage of flow of blood, but the most known prime cause is the blockage of one coronary artery. Plaque makes the hurt to suffer damage by interrupting your blood flow when it breaks away forming a blood clot. The are various factors that make people get heart attacks more than others, the two main reasons why some people are more likely to get heart attacks than others are age and family’s history regarding heart attacks, old people are more venerable to have heart attacks than young people and people from families with records of heart attacks are more prone to heart attacks than those who have no records related to heart attacks. The following are some of the signs that will help you know that a person is suffering from a heart attack.

Abnormalities In One’s Chest

Cases, where one is suffering from chest pains as well as discomfort mostly, implies that the person is suffering from a heart attack. It is noted that when people suffer from heart attacks, they mostly complain about some pain deep inside the center of their hearts, these pains, however, varies from one person to the other. These chest pains associated with heart attacks have been reported by patients suffering from heart attacks that they irritate for some few minutes then goes and they may later return and this time round more intense and irritating. These chest pains and discomforts feels like presence of uncomfortable pressure or some squeezing, there have been other cases where patients have said that they feel like fullness.

Difficulties In Breathing

Though there are so many other conditions that are associated with difficulties in breathing, circumstances of heart attacks the problems in breathing are commonly accompanied with characteristic pain inside one’s chest cavity as well as fatigue in most women suffering from heart attack. The purpose of a heart is to pump blood and circulate it to your tissues as well as organs which includes lungs, that means that if one’s arteries are somehow clogged such a way that they are not able to circulate blood to reach your lungs then a shortness of breath is likely to be noticed.


Dizziness is another sign of heart attack, it primarily affects women in cases of heart attack; therefore, get ideas on how to use an aed. It is always substantially essential to seek medical advice in time in case the of the above signs