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Why Mulch is Important

A layer that is put on the surface of a farm to boost soil fertility and soil moist conservation is called mulch. The points below highlights the importance of using mulch in your farm

Benefit of mulch is that it helps in soil water conservation to help the plants grow normally. The mulch conserve the soil moisture by controlling the temperature of the soil and trap the moisture. Food security is usually guaranteed in a country whose farmer use techniques like mulching to grow food during the dry season. It is worth noting that the water in the form of moisture is condensed by mulch and drop back on the soil surface as water.

The top fertile soil is usually protected from all forms of soil erosion through rainwater or wind. The top fertile soil is usually loose and vulnerable to all types of soil erosion. Soil erosion causes the farm to become barren because of the lack of fertile topsoil. Unproductive farm is useless to a farmer since no crop can do well in it due to lack of ingredients. Strong winds are also effective soil erosion agent. It is more difficult to dig a land that has been eroded and hard pan left behind.

The use of mulching on a farm improves the fertility. The decomposition of mulch turns the mulch into manure which increases the soil fertility. This helps to reduce the amount of inorganic chemical fertilizer used on a farm which is quite expensive while mulch is very cheap. Mulch also decomposes and regulate the soil PH which is favorable for plant growth.

Weeds are unable to grow in a farm whose surface has been applied with mulch. Mulch suppress the growth of weed by cutting the supply of necessities for seed germination. Germination of a seed is facilitated by air, water, warmth, and minerals. In order to effectively prevent weed germination, it is good to use a lot of mulch which can prevent any penetration of air.

The fifth benefit of using mulch in your farm is that mulch is very cheap and affordable. There is no course for learning how to prepare mulch. Companies that sell mulch have favorable prices and they deliver the mulch to the farm of a customer.

Sixth, you can use mulch a way of decorating your farm or land. You can use beautiful river stones o mulch trees in your compound. Properties of river stones like color make them ideal decorative mulch.

Lastly, mulch is environmentally friendly because they decompose very fast as oppose to other methods of farming like the use of fertilizes. Decomposed mulch turns into manure that helps the soil retain the soil water and allow easy penetration of plant roots.

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