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Reasons Why the Use of Seaweed Fertilizers is Encouraged in Your Garden

Seaweeds are sea plants which grow in water and they are known to be rich in micro and macronutrients. Seaweeds are used to prepare liquid organic fertilizers which are also known as foliar feeds which are sprayed to plants. Seaweed fertilizers are compatible with both small scale and large scale farming of crops. Several benefits are realized when seaweeds fertilizers are used in plants. Here are the advantages that come along with the use of seaweed fertilizers in your garden.

To begin with, seaweed fertilizer is an organic plant supplement that boosts plant growth. The use of free chemical plant boosters is being embraced by many countries as the world is struggling to avoid the use of chemicals in doing both subsistence and commercial farming. The use of chemical fertilizers is known to have negative impact on our environment which includes the soils because long usage depletes the organic matter naturally found in the soil which is not the case when using seaweeds fertilizers. Where chemical fertilizers inhibit the performance of insects in pollinations of the plants, seaweeds fertilizers which is organic boosts performance of the insects by creating a favorable environment for them.

Seaweed fertilizer is known to be having very many minerals in the organic form which is required in the growth of a plant than chemical fertilizers which have a limited number of minerals required. Some seaweeds fertilizers also possess an organic pesticide which ensures your plants are free from any harmful insects that destroy the plants unlike the chemical fertilizer which doesn’t have such an element. While manure requires decomposing for the benefits to be realized, seaweed fertilizer does not need to decompose for it to be effective.

Seaweed foliar fertilizer is an effective approach to boosting plant growth because you will be spraying directly to the leaves which are made to make food for the plants unlike when using ordinary fertilizer that is kept in the soils. Seaweed fertilizer does not have any side effect on your plants when the sprayed during inadequate rainfalls while other forms of fertilizers could have a negative effect during that season.

Depending on your requirements, you can change the concentration of the seaweed fertilizer while it is quite hard to do with the other forms of fertilizers. You are likely to achieve a big result with just a little usage of seaweed fertilizer unlike when using small amounts of other forms of fertilizers. Use of seaweed fertilizer as a foliar helps in the formation and protruding of bud while it also boosts healing of the plants in case of stress at a faster rate than other forms of fertilizers.

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